Jimmy Dortz


Jimmy Dortz is a second possible contact you will meet if you go through the Breakout tutorial zone. He is located at (-2,293, -160, 762).


Contact Introduced By

New Contact(s)

Need intro text.


Model Inmate

Jimmy Dortz is what the Zig likes to call a 'model inmate'. He never disobeys any of the rules, and is always gaining the favor of the guards by making their jobs easier. What no one realizes is that Dortz is actually manipulating the whole scene. He rats out prisoners that he wants to see punished, and in doing so he earns favor with the guards, which he uses to get privileges that other inmates don't. For as much 'good behavior' that Dortz seems to gain, you really don't want to get on his bad side.


Well, all sorts of guys and gals locked up here have powers, but some need gadgets to make their powers work, or just to make them work better. I can give you access to the lockers that hold all these devices, and after you go there and get something for me, I can help show you how to use them.


Get Shiv


Ok, last week I had my buddy's shiv confiscated by one of the new guards here. As a favor to him, I told him I'd get it back.

They locked it up in the gallery with all the other gadgets and weapons confiscated from the villains locked up here. Tell ya what, you go get me that shiv, and in the process, you can get whatever devices your powers need to operate. This way, I'm in the clear and you can make your big breakout a tad easier.

Come back to me once you have everything.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Retrieve Shiv/Devices

Icon clue generic
Crude Shiv
This looks like part of a bedframe broken off and sharpened to a point. Rubberbands boud tightly on one end give it a rudimentary grip.


After this conversation, find Caze to learn about combat.

I'm sure you're out of practice in using your powers, so you should probably talk to Caze over there and learn the basics of combat. But before you go, I'll tell you a bit about figuring out how tough your foes are.

Description of enemy strength

Now go on and see Caze, he can explain Health, Endurance, and how to use your powers.

Mission Objective(s)

Description of Hit Points and Endurance

Description of using Enhancements

Description of combining Enhancements

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