Overview Edit

Icon is an organization in Paragon City that helps heroes "get a new look" by letting them attain new costumes and edit old ones.

Locations Edit

Icon can be found in four zones in Paragon City. It is marked on the maps in all cases. One location is in Atlas Park near the monorail station.

Another location is in the north west corner of Steel Canyon, due west of the Boomtown gate. While this is the lowest level zone an Icon can be found in, it is not necessarily the safest for a low level hero to get to, as it is on the far side of the zone from the Yellow Line.

A third Icon can be found in Independence Port, due west of the Kings Row entrance. This one is often easier for low level heroes to get to, as all they must do is cross Kings Row, and then a quick run to Icon, usually with only one or two spawn sites to dodge.

A fourth Icon can be found in the south east corner of Founders' Falls. Some people find this one to be the easiest for low level heroes to get to since the introduction of a Pocket D entrance. After exiting Pocket D, a hero can jump into the water and swim south down the center of the canal. They then swim under the last bridge, swim east, and then climb out onto the road and cross the street into Icon.

Head Tailors Edit

Carson can be found in charge of the Founders' Falls Icon.

Lauren heads up the Independence Port Icon.

Serge works his magic at the Steel Canyon Icon.

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