Temporary ResonanceDisrupter


You blend into your environment and can only be seen at very close range. Even if discovered, you are hard to see and have a bonus to Defense to melee and ranged attacks. If, however, you attack while using this power, you will be discovered and will lose your Stealth and some of your Defense bonus. While Stealthy, your movement is Slowed. Hyper Stealth has a total of 30 minutes usage time.

How to Get

To obtain this temporary power, complete the Patrol Bloody Bay mission. This power can be gained up to five times, once for each time a Bloody Bay patrol is done. If you already have the power, it will not be replaced with a new one, nor will you gain a second copy of the power and you will lose an opportunity to gain the power.

Power Summary

Duration 30 minutes of use
Effects Toggle: Self Stealth
Self +Defense, -Speed

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