This is a list of powers that debuff the hit point regeneration of enemies and other players.

Player Powers Edit

These powers are available for use by player characters. Where two percentages are given, the one before the slash represents PvE; the one after represents PvP.

Image Power Pool Value
Quills LungeThe Blood Widow pet's Poison DartSoul Mastery-100%
Quills LungeThe Upgraded Jounin's Poison DartNinjas-100%
Robotics LaserRifleBurstAssault BotsRobotics-50%/-90%
30 sec.
Robotics LaserRifleBlastUpgraded Assualt Bots' Dual Plasma BurnRobotics-50%/-90%
30 sec.
DarkMiasma TwilightGraspTwilight GraspDark Miasma-50%/-90%
20 sec.
DarkMiasma HowlingTwilightHowling TwilightDark Miasma-50%/-90%
(description vague, either 15 or 30 sec.)
DarkMiasma DarkServantDark Servant's Twilight GraspDark Miasma-50%/-90%
20 sec.
Poison EnvenomEnvenomPoison-50%/-90%
30 sec.
Traps DroppedAoEDebuffAttackSpeedPoison TrapTraps-50%/-90%
10 sec.
TrickArrow StunEMP ArrowTrick Arrow-50%/-90%
15 sec.
ColdDomination BenumbBenumbCold Domination-90%
30 sec.
KineticBoost TransfusionTransfusionKinetics-50%/-90%
duration unknown
RadiationPoisoning LingeringRadiationLingering RadiationRadiation Emission-50%/-90%
30 sec.
RadiationPoisoning EMPPulseEM PulseRadiation Emission-50%/90%
15 sec.
ThermalRadiation HeatExhaustionHeat ExhaustionThermal Radiation-50%/90%
45 sec.
PsionicAssault PsychicSiphonDrain PsychePsionic Assault-5%/30%
30 sec.

Critter Powers Edit

This article is currently a work in progress. As such, it may contain some editing notes in addition to information. Please be patient, it is being worked on and will be in a finished state before long!

These powers are not available for use by player characters. They are used exclusively by critters.

  • None so far.

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