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This Hapless Citizen is in over his/her head.


Hapless Citizens are both the weakest and strongest things ingame. Timid and prone to freaking out (they are especially skittish of people using stealth or invisible powers), they will still follow the first person they come across no matter how untrustworthy they might be! Members of this nonviolent faction have been known to effectivly blockade tanks, ignore the meanest of alien scum, and occasionally perform feats of phasing through walls, walking on water, and the occasional battle for a purse with the local cement.

Known membersEdit

From Police Band Tuner Missions

  • Polly, a street person turned experimental subject from Rescue Polly.
  • Ms. Joan Waters, a cable executive from Rescue Ms. Joan Waters.
  • Lucy Dreamtime, a powerful psychic with problem involving sleepwalking and nightmares from the Find Lucy Dreamtime mission.
  • Dr. Boyce Boyd, brother of Dr. Boyd and all around nutjob.
  • Clive Loveking, an eccentric author and owner of an occult bookshop.

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