CasinoHeist Kid Poster

Hacker Explained is a power in the Temporary Powers powerset. It is granted by examining the poster depicting the Hacker inside the lobby during the Summer Blockbuster Double Feature trial.


Temporary ScrollofRuin
Hacker Explained
The Hacker's Role
Use this power to give you a pop-up window which will explain your role as the Hacker. This power will remain with you throughout the Heist. ChallengeStat no enhance

Type: click
Cast: 0 seconds
Recharge: 1 second
Affects: self, autohit

 • displays "As the Hacker in the Heist of Tyrant's Palace, your first duty involves installing an outdated OS onto the Casino's mainframe in order to confuse the time locks. This OS has defaulted to daylight savings time settings and will set all the clocks ahead by 1 hour, giving you a 60 minute window where no one expects the vault to be able to be opened. Your second duty involves hacking into the CCTV system in the Casino to shut down cameras along your planned escape route." MapIcon SF01 ChallengeStat no enhance SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes

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