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Gregor Richardson
Magic Hero Liaison
Zone Galaxy City
Coordinates (711, -163.25, -693)
Level Range 1-4
Enemy groups Badge villain hellions Hellions

Gregor Richardson is a City of Heroes contact located in the Freedom Court neighborhood of Galaxy City at coordinates (711, -163.25, -693). Gregor Richardson is a Magic origin contact. His level range is 1-4.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

  • None, Gregor is an initial contact for new heroes entering Paragon City of magical origin.

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Information Edit

Magic Hero Liaison

Gregor Richardson is from Australia, but he's been in America so long that his accent is almost gone, save for the occasional 'mate.' He's a talented artist who spends every moment he can locked away in his studio, painting. Gregor has a knack not just for the fine arts, but for the mystical arts as well. He and Azuria have radically different approaches to magic. She sees it as something to be guided and respected; he sees it as something to be tamed and used. This attitude makes Gregor something of a rebel in mystical circles, which is probably what has kept him off the Arcane Guild's High Council the past several years. They gave him his post as magic hero liaison only grudgingly, unable to deny the power of the magic he can manifest.

Initial Contact Edit

I think we can help each other a great deal. I'm an expert when it comes to new magic heroes. Whatever you do, don't listen to that Azuria woman over in Atlas Park. She's nuts.

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Missions Edit

MissionName Edit


What's up, mate? We here at the Modern Arcane Guild of Investigation think Galaxy City may be in a spot of trouble. See, the Hellions are making rapid headway in their bid to take over territory. I need you to take on the Hellions and show them they aren't welcome.

Those Hellions won't know what hit 'em.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Unknown, probably hunt Hellions

You found a crumpled note on one of the defeated Hellions.

Mission Objective(s)

This isn't the usual aroma of gun polish and grease. There's a musty odor in this room, the smell of something ancient.

  • Bust gang leader and his crew.

You found a strange clay statue among the fallen Hellions.


MissionName Edit


Another MAGI hero took this rag doll off a defeated Hellion yesterday. Pretty ugly, huh? I'd like you to take this doll to a contact of mine, Clarence Jackson. He's a garbage man, and he sees a lot of things most people ignore. I'm thinking he might know what the Hellions would want about with a thing like this.

Clarence has seen more things than most of us care to imagine.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take doll to Jackson


Hey I picked up something like this in the trash the other day, then some Hellions came outta nowhere and rooted through my truck to get it back. They said something about it being an idol of power. I looked that up when I got home, and apparently these things give the owner the ability to control the will of others. I'm concerned by this. How did the Hellions come to know about objects of such great power? It's just not typical street gang behavior, that's all.


MissionName Edit


The Hellions broke into the van Horn mansion last night! No one was hurt, thank goodness, but the Hellions made off with some of Mimi van Horn's jewelry. I've been asked to send a hero to recover the jewelry from the Hellions. The van Horns have a lot of clout in this town, and they know how to use it.

I appreciate this. Next time I'll have a more important mission for you, I promise.

Mission Objective(s)

Just one month ago, this warehouse was doing a bustling business. But when the Hellions took over the neighborhood, many of the local businesses turned tail and ran.

  • Recover stolen jewelry

You defeated the Hellions and recovered the jewelry.


Badge villain hellions Hellions


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