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Grant Naylor

Grant Naylor is a captive in need of rescue. This is one of those strange cases in which your contact shows up during one of his/her own missions. Villains can find him on the Find the truth mission from Technician Naylor. (Levels 35-39)

Grant Naylor shows up as a Boss-level NPC of the level of the mission owner, unless soloing, in which case he will be a Lieutenant and his hit points will be lower. He has "Victim of Nemesis" faction, has no attacks and must be escorted to the mission exit.

Information Edit

You're susprised to see Technician Naylor as a hostage of the Nemesis Army, since he's the one who just sent you here!

Quotes Edit

During the mission Find the truth he will threaten his captors:

Grant Naylor: I'll get back at tha lot of ya, I will!
Nemesis Minion: I doubt it.


Nemesis Minion: Wait a moment.
Grant Naylor: Villain? Is that really you?
Nemesis Minion: Lads! That's not the duplicate!

After being freed:

Grant Naylor: Ya got ta get me out a' 'ere!
Grant Naylor: They've got a robot double of me out there!

At the mission exit:

Naylor Grant: That robot double had better start runnin'! I'll take a spanner right to it!

Trivia Edit

Grant Naylor[1] was the pen name used by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor for the collaborative work, notably the TV series "Red Dwarf."

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