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Overview Edit

The Global Chat System is a separate server that is tied into City of Heroes/Villains in order to allow special chat channels that connect each server with its siblings. Once a player joins a channel, they're able to talk to anyone else in said channel regardless of where they may be (barring arena matches, which are blocked from all chat channel, both global and local to cut down on cheating) located in game and on whatever server.

Global channel membership is based on account, not character, so if you join a channel on one character, all other characters will be members. Additionally, non admin accounts are limited to 10 channel memberships. To join a new one after you hit your 10th, you must first drop one of your current channels.

When you talk in a Global Chat Channel, you use your Global Chat name/handle, instead of the name of whatever character your currently on (which is still used in your local channels, i.e. team, sg, broadcast, request, coalition, local, etc). At this time, the only way to select the Global Chat Channel you are talking in is by clicking in the lower right hand section of the char screen where the channel is listed (default is often local), which brings up a list of all the channels you are a member of.

  • gccs can have 150 users on them at any given time, or a total membership limit of 2500 (once hit, no more can ever join unless someone leaves, invite option will be greyed out)

Ranks Edit

Global Chat Channels have 3 ranks and 4 color codes representing ranks.

White - a normal member, they have permissions only to talk in channel

Green - Players currently on Global hide, they can only be seen by Channel Admin, and they appear as having green names in order to represent that they are on hide, their rank insignia is still present though.

Chan-op insigniaBlue - channel operator, they can invite to channel, kick members, silence members, and swap the channel from public to private (invite only mode) as well as chat.

Chann Admin insigniaRed (add uberstar) - channel Administrator, they can do everything that a channel operator can, in addition to kicking/silencing operators, and are able to see channel members that are also on global hide. Currently, this rank is only held by those with a special flag on their accounts (GMs, Developers, and other Admin), and the rank is auto assigned by joining the channel.

Creating a Channel Edit

Tab list

Search GUI Edit

Channel search unselect

Channel search selected

Who's in Channel GUI Edit

Channel who's on box

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