Generic Heroes are simply heroes who have no other faction they belong to.

Background Edit

Contrary to popular belief, Generic Heroes are not genericized players.

Enemy typesEdit


Cyrus ThompsonEdit

Main Article: Cyrus Thompson

Cyrus Thompson is a retired superhero who once went by the name Breakneck. His wife gave him the name, not because of his super speed, but because "If you don't give up this nonsense, you're going to break your fool neck."







Kadabra KillEdit

File:Kadabra Kill.jpg

Main Article: Kadabra Kill

In all his travels around the world and to realms unknown, Kadabra Kill seeks a single prize, the salvation of his wife, Sigil. Long ago, when they were both young and foolish, she gave up her soul to save his own. Soon she must pay the ultimate price.


Healing Aura

Regeneration Aura

Miss Liberty Edit

Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty

Main Article: Miss Liberty

Daughter to the well known Statesman, Miss Liberty grew up around some of the greatest heroes mankind has ever seen. It is no surprise that she grew up to be one herself. Inheriting the sacred girdle from her mother and the superhuman abilities of the gods from her father, Miss Liberty is a force for justice and equality across America.




Main Article: Sigil

Sigil's soul is marked by a demon from the dark void. She signed a pact, her soul for her lover's life. Ever since, she and her husband, Kadabra Kill, have spent their adult lives seeking a loop hole in the bargain. So far, they have come up empty handed.


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