Fusion Generator

The Fusion Generator is the third and currently highest stage tech style base energy device. These engines are intended to be used by pvp orientated supergroups with extensive bases and energy requirements. Of course, to go with such requirements, the cost and badge to unlock it are both rather extreme, as well as required area in base to house the unit or units.

Please note that Hero versus Hero, Hero versus Villan, and Villain versus Villain kills will count towards this badge. Arena matches will not help with a supergroup's progression, to make sure SG's that get the badge get it fairly (and thus it being a little more to be proud of than the standard easily-farmable damage/healing etc badges) and prevent possible farming/exploiting.


Developed from prototypes found in Dr. Anguish's secret lab, the X3 Fusion is the best power solution money can by. Only the most noteworthy groups have one of these in their base!

Additional InformationEdit

Price: 7500000 prestige
Unlocked by: Fusion Generator Plans Badge (750 SG mode PvP kills)
Power/Control Requirements: N/A / N/A
Energy Produced: 25000
Crafted at: Expert Worktable
Max Connections: 2
Allowed Auxiliary Items: Circuit Breaker

Minimum size rm: 4x4 or larger

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