Badge phalanx set 01


You have earned a reserve membership into Paragon City's premier Super Group: Freedom Phalanx. This privilege comes with the added perk of +10% Hit Points.

Inherent PowerEdit

Upon acquiring this badge, a hero will earn the Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member power.

BA Phalanx Reserve Freedom Phalanx Reserve +10% Max Health
Earning Membership into the Freedom Phalanx Reserve has granted you a permanent increase to your Max Hit Points by 10%.

How to GetEdit

Obtain the following badges:

Badge tourist 01 Regal Badge   Exploration   Boomtown (-448, 42, 2170)
Badge tourist 01 Brawler Badge   Exploration   Galaxy City (-1184, 63, -936)
Badge tourist 01 Vigorous Badge   Exploration   Independence Port (-1615, 80, -1872)
Badge tourist 01 Summoned Badge   Exploration   Kings Row (-940.5, -41.7, 2977.4)
Badge tourist 01 Keen Sighted Badge   Exploration   Kings Row (-2175.9, 97.0, 1142.5)
Badge tourist 01 Purifier Badge   Exploration   Skyway City (-1085, -16, -7612)
Badge tourist 01 Nimble Mynx Badge   Exploration   Steel Canyon (-2428, 48, -3408)
Badge history 01 Authority Badge   History   Visit 5 history plaques:
  1. Talos Island (1777, 22, 7843)
  2. Independence Port (910, 100, -4175)
  3. Independence Port (-1035, 36, -2441)
  4. Dark Astoria (3420, 46, 3038)
  5. Terra Volta (351, 196, -3605)
Badge villain freakshow Tank Buster Badge   Achievement   Defeat 100 Freakshow Tanks
Badge villain clockwork Gearsmasher Badge   Achievement   Defeat 100 Clockwork Gears that spawn after a Clockwork Prince is defeated
Badge villain nemesis Unveiler Badge   Achievement   Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis

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