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COV Accolade Contact Guide Edit

The COX games are structured in such a way that you can level to a point that will cause a contact to be unable to give you any further missions. For the majority of the contacts in the games this has no negative impact on game play. However a there are few contacts that give badge missions for Accomplishments that are essential pieces of the larger badge type called Accolades. Accolades are desirable because they grant additional powers, including self buffs that when combined add an additional 10% endurance and 20% health. Getting the Accomplishment badges that these contacts offer when you are in the level range of the contact is significantly easier than trying to chase them down at a later date by finding someone that is on the mission for that badge.

Note: Often Villains must impress the contact enough to gain access to, or proceed through a story arc to the point of being offered the Accomplishment being sought.

V badge StatureBadge3Paragon of Vice for completing Defeat all Arachnos Personnel mission from Willy Wheeler. Threat Level range 10-14

From either Broker

Introduces the contact:

Who in turn introduces:

V badge StatureBadge4Strikebreaker for completing Bust the Dockworkers Strike mission from Lorenz Ansaldo. Threat Level range 20-24.

From either Broker

Introduces the contact:

V badge StatureBadge5Soul Taker for completing Offer soul of Akarist mission from Archmage Tarixus. Threat Level range 25-29 Earn your Lorekeeper Badge to unlock

V badge StatureBadge6Exterminator for completing Eliminate Kit'Vul mission from Timothy Raymond. Threat Level range 25-29 From either Broker

Introduces the contact:

Introduces the contact:

V badge StatureBadge6Bad Luck for completing The Unlucky Artifacts mission from Hard Luck. Threat Level range 30-34 From either Broker

Introduces the contact:

V badge StatureBadge9Couch Potato for completing the Destroy books for Television mission from Television. Threat Level range 45-50 Earn your Master of the Airwaves / Mistress of the Airwaves Badge to unlock

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