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Ernesto Hess
Ernesto Hess
Zone Striga Isle
Coordinates (-6555.5, 79, 283)
Level Range 25-30
Enemy groups Badge villain council Council
Badges Badge council robot Burkholder's Bane Badge

Ernesto Hess is a City of Heroes contact located in Striga Isle at coordinates (-6555.5, 79, 283). He is a task force contact.

Ernesto Hess's task force is for heroes with security levels between 25 and 30. Any hero above security level 30 will be automatically exemplared to level 30. The task force will be unlocked by a hero who has finished Lars Hansen's story line and cannot be started by someone who has not done so. The hero does not need to be within the level range to start the task force, as long as it has been unlocked.

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Council Turncoat

Ernesto Hess is a Adjutant in the ranks of the Vortex, one of the Council's Outer Bands. Luckily for Paragon City, he's decided that the Council is far too megalomaniacal for him. As a high-ranking officer, Ernesto is able to get his hands on the very best information, and so far he seems willing to pass it along to the heroes he meets. If his treachery was discovered by the Council, it would certainly cost him his life.

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See Ernesto Hess Task Force

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