Overview Edit

Eochai is a Giant Monster that belongs to the Fir Bolg enemy group.

Description Edit

Long ago, King Eochai ruled the Fir Bolg. Today, these monstruous pumpkin-headed giants roam Croatoa. In part they are remnants of Eochai's own spirit, in part they are summoned by the united fury of his tormented people.

The Eochai that appears during the Halloween events has the following description.

The Tuatha De Danann and the Fir Bolg were tribes who fought for control of the legendary Ireland, the Fir Bolg were the original inhabitants and refused to share the land with the Tuatha De Danann. Eochai was their king and Streng their Champion.

Powers Edit

Badge Edit

Badge croatoa pumpkin king Pumpkin King

The king is dead. Long live the king!

Badge event hallowspirit Hallow Spirit

You have helped defeat a manifestation of Eochai, king of the Fir Bolg.

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