Overview Edit

Electroshock is a boss and one of Krylov's Creations.

Villains can find him on the Defeat Electroshock and Interogate Spetsnaz leader missions from Dmitri Krylov.

Information Edit

Electroshock is a hero created by the super-science of Dr. Dmitri Krylov. Electroshock was originally a villain who came to Krylov seeking superpowers, but in the end decided to become a hero in Paragon City.

Quotes Edit

During the Defeat Electroshock mission, he will be found fighting Skulls in the streets:

Skuls minion: You goin' down, Electroshock!
Electroshock: Time to do some justice!


Electroshock: Aha! Another villain!

During the Interrogate Spetsnaz leader mission, he will be fighting the russian soldiers:

Ryadovoi: Tell us where Krylov is!
Electroshock: I haven't seen Krylov since I became a hero!
Serzhant Stepanovich: We have unpleasant methods for making you talk.


Electroshock: You villain!

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