Overview Edit

Dr. Quaterfield
Dr Quaterfield 01
Head Scientist
Zone Firebase Zulu
Coordinates (6461, 1092, 1880)
Level Range 40-44
Introduced by None
Introduces None
Enemy groups Badge villain cot Circle of Thorns

Badge villain crey Crey
Badge villain nemesis Nemesis
Badge villain rularru Soldiers of Rularuu

Badges Badge task force PSmasher Portal Smasher

Dr. Quaterfield is a City of Heroes contact located in the Firebase Zulu neighborhood of Firebase Zulu at coordinates (6461, 1092, 1880).He is a task force contact.

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Information Edit

Head Scientist

A brilliant researcher who often works at the far extremes of science, Dr. Thomas Quaterfield was selected by the United Nations to lead the science team studying the bizarre dimension called the 'Shadow Shard'. Quaterfield's researchers have already made several startling discoveries, many of which have been classified as potential matters of global security.

Initial Contact Edit

Missing Initial Contact Dialog

Task Force Edit

See Dr. Quaterfield Task Force

Trivia Edit

Dr. Thomas Quaterfield is influenced by Professor Bernard Quatermass, a fictional character, originally created by the writer Nigel Kneale for BBC Television in the 1950s.

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