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Doctor Creed
Doctor Creed
Mad Scientist
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-1891.5, 96, -1574)
Level Range 5-9
Introduced by Matthew Burke
Introduces Drea the Hook
Mikey the Ear
Enemy groups V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Badge villain hellions Hellions
V badge BattleDomeBadge Infected
V badge LongbowBadge Longbow
V badge BattleDomeBadge Wyvern

Doctor Creed is a City of Villains contact located in Mercy Island at coordinates (-1891.5, 96, -1574). His level range is 5-9.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

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Information Edit

Mad Scientist

Doctor Creed is a mad scientist who has taken to researching the Infected on Mercy Island in hopes of unlocking the source of their power. It is rumored he was a former SERAPH scientist until he tired of their moral and ethical imperatives.

Initial Contact Edit

I am the infamous Doctor Creed! You may have heard of my genius... I was once part of the illustrious brain trust at SERAPH until I learned what fools my so-called peers were! They tossed around words like 'ethics' and 'morals'... bah! Such things are minor obstacles on the path leading to true breakthroughs in SCIENCE!

I've been studying the Infected on Mercy Island for a while, researching these living zombie-men who have become nothing more than pathetic rejects of humanity. They believe they can gain power by subsisting on the toxic cesspool waters of Mercy Island—and you've seen the results of that! However, I blieve at the root of their madness lies a grain of truth, the ability for an Infected to become a true super-powered being! If there is power to be gained through experimentation on these Infected, then the genius of Doctor Creed will find it!

Store Edit

Doctor Creed sells the following items:

  • Inspirations
  • Level 1 Training Enhancements

Story Arc Edit

Weird Science Edit

Souvenir: Dr. Geist's Test Tube

This is a test tube taken from the lab of Doctor Geist, Arachnos scientist and rival of your contact Doctor Creed. You obtained it in a story you like to call:

Weird Science

It all started when you agreed to field test a new Infected anti-serum. Upon your return Doctor Creed related that he discovered something rather important.

An Arachnos informant had some information on the source of the csspool contamination which creates the Infected, but the informant had been captured by Longbow before he could relate it. Doctor Creed gave you the location of the warehouse where Longbow was interrogating the informant, and you managed to break him out. The informant was an Arachnos guard at Fort Cerberus, and related how the there was some sort of biochemical project happening in a secret lab theter led by a scientist known as Doctor Geist. Doctor Creed was furious! Geist was a former colleague of Creed who stole Creed's mutation theories for himself! Now Geist sold out to Arachnos while Creed was struggling to survive in the Rogue Isles! Doctor Creed swore vengeance!

Doctor Creed sent you to break into Fort Cerberus to find Doctor Geist! Within the bowels of this Arachnos base you found the secret lab the informant spoke of, where strange experiments were being conducted. You defeated Doctor Geist and stole his research data, discovering how mutant human-spider hybrids called Arachnoids were being studied at the lab after being shipped there from a place known as Grandville. Doctor Creed was overjoyed with the defeat of this rival and the research information gained on the Arachnoids.

Test Infected anti-serum on Stricken Edit


As a scientist, one must always have contingency plans in place in case something goes wrong. What's the point in creating an army of super-powered zombie-men when they can turn on you at any moment and rend you limb from limb? It's extremely counter-productive to any long-term goals of world domination!

As a part of risk mitigation I have developed a new Infected 'anti-serum' which causes the chemical equivalent of a chain reaction in weaker Infected, with some rather spectacular results! The least of the Infected are called the Stricken - they have the right bio-chemical balance to trigger the effect we're looking for. Go out and test the anti serum on the Stricken!

A pack of these Infected have broken into a local warehouse. I should be a good testing ground for the anti-serum. As an added bonus, I can later use it as a testing ground for my experiments! Ha ha! Two birds with one stone!

Temporary Power

Upon accepting this mission, a villain will earn the Infected Anti-Serum temporary power.

Temp Melee Moderate Infected Anti-Serum Melee Special (Infected)
This dispenser is filled with an Infected Anti-Serum created by Doctor Creed. When used on an Infected, it causes an explosive chemical reaction. The Anti-Serum lasts only 15 minutes before the chemicals become inert.

Mission Objective(s)

Time to give Doctor Creed's anti-serum a try!

  • Defeat all Infected in warehouse

You have completed Doctor Creed's field test!

Icon clue generic
Field Test
It all started when you agreed to field test a new Infected anti-serum. Upon your return Doctor Creed related that he discovered something rather important.


V badge BattleDomeBadge Infected


I take it the anti-serum is working effectively? Good!

Rescue Arachnos Informant Edit


While you were off testing the Infected anti-serum I was contacted by a member of Arachnos who says he has more information on the source of the contaminant in the water which produces the Infected. Unfortunately, the idiot got himself captured by Longbow before he was able to deliver me the information! Fortunately, I managed to find the warehouse where they took him for interrogation. Break into the warehouse and capture the Arachnos informant from Longbow!

Bring me back the Arachnos informant intact! He's useless to me unconscious!

Mission Objective(s)

Looks like Longbow has secretly dug into this warehouse.

  • Rescue Arachnos informant
    • Lead Arachnos informant out

You rescued the Arachnos informant!

Icon clue generic
Arachnos Informant Info
The Arachnos Informant tells you that he's been doing guard duty at Fort Cerberus. In a high-security area of that Fort is a secret laboratory where a scientist known as Doctor Geist is rumored to be performing biochemical experiments with the resulting effluence being pumped into the Mercy Island cesspools.


V badge LongbowBadge Longbow

Notable NPC

NPC Text

Before combat:
Longbow Guardian: "We're lucky this base hasn't been discovered yet."
Longbow Guardian: "I know what you mean. Then again, villains are the lowest common denominator."
Combat start:
Longbow Guardian: "Uh-oh. I think we spoke too soon."
Upon rescue:
Arachnos Informant: "Thanks, pal! Let's get out of here and I'll tell you information about this guy named Dr. Geist!"
At the door:
Arachnos Informant: "You're working for Doctor Creed? Okay, here's what I know..."


WHAT? Doctor Geist was once a colleague of mine who stole my mutation theories for himself! Arachnos is letting one of my greatest rivals run medical experiments in their labs? And the waste from these experiments is what is causing the Infected? I must know what he is up to!

Interrogate Doctor Geist Edit


So my old rival Doctor Geist sold out to Arachnos and is doing medical experiments for them, eh? And the waste from those experiments is ending up in the cesspools of Mercy and causing the Infected to come about? I must know more about those experiments! Break into Fort Cerberus and get the information out of Doctor Geist!

Make Doctor Geist pay for his treachery! Find what he knows so I may seize the knowledge for myself!

Mission Objective(s)

Somewhere within this section of Fort Cerberus is the notorious Arachnos scientist known as Doctor Geist! Make him pay for his treachery!

  • Defeat Doctor Geist
    • Steal research data, 2 labs to destroy

You defeated Doctor Geist!


V badge ArachnosBadge Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Globalchat Doctor Geist: Mwuhahahahaha!

Doctor Geist: The fools! They said that I, the ingenious Dr. Geist, would never make anything of myself!
Doctor Geist: Now here I am, working for Lord Recluse, unlocking the secrets of these Arachnoids!
Doctor Geist: Soon, I will work my way up the Arachnos hierarchy and get the resources I need to create my ULTIMATE SECRET WEAPON!
Doctor Geist: Then, I shall rule the WORLD!
Doctor Geist: Mwuhahahahahaha!
Wolf Spider: GEIST!
Doctor Geist: Aaaaaah!
Wolf Spider: Get back to work or we'll cut off more than your funding!
Doctor Geist: Of course, s-sir! I'll get back to it, sir!
Wolf Spider: I hate mad scientists.

NPC Text

Before combat:
Wolf Spider 1: "You talk with Doctor Geist?"
Wolf Spider 2: "That nut? Nah, I avoid him like crazy."
Wolf Spider 1: "Huh? What's that?"
Wolf Spider 1: "Get 'em!"
Combat start:
Doctor Geist: "You! My spies saw you speaking with Doctor Creed! You're one of his lackeys!"
At 75% Health: Doctor Geist: "You dare strike Doctor Geist?"
At 50% Health: Doctor Geist: "You'll pay for that, scum!"
At 25% Health: Doctor Geist: "Ouch!"
Defeated: Doctor Geist: "Another genius plucked from this world!"


You defeated Doctor Geist? AND you discovered what he was up to? Excellent! most excellent! With this information I will rule the WORLD! Muhahaha!

Missions Edit

Kidnap homeless people from warehouse Edit


I am working on deriving a serum from the blood of the Infected. However, I need a number of subjects to test the serum on! This is where you come in!

Huh? No, no, I don't mean to test it on you (although it's not a BAD idea). No, I need you to gather up some test subjects! You know, the dregs of humanity, people who won't be missed. I know of a warehouse where a bunch of those wretches live their pathetic lives; I have a truck waiting nearby which will take you there. Kidnap a couple of these homeless people and load them onto the truck. My driver will take them to my lab so I can commence experimentation!

The warehouse is also used by the Hellions, so you can expect to run into a bunch of those uncouth punks in there as well. They'll likely be guarding the entrance to the warehouse.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Kidnap homeless from warehouse
  • 2 victims to kidnap
  • Lead 2 victims to van


Badge villain hellions Hellions
V badge BattleDomeBadge Rogue Island Police


Excellent! Yes, these scum will do nicely!

Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow Edit


I have discovered a rare occurrence! Amongst the dregs of the Infected an individual with actual super-powers has emerged! He has manifested the ability to project bio-generated electricty from his body and adopted the hero-name of Biopulse. This is the perfect opportunity to obtain a live specimen for experimentation! Muhahaha!

We must move quickly though; already Biopulse has set up a clandestine meeting with Longbow in the sewers beneath Mercy, hoping to gain support and champion the cause of the Infected. Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow!

Once you have defeated that do-gooder wannabe, I'll have him shipped to my lab for dissection!

Mission Objective(s)

According to Doctor Creed, Biopulse was last seen entering this part of the Mercy Sewers

  • Stop Biopulse from joining Longbow
    • Defeat Biopulse and witnesses


V badge LongbowBadge Longbow
Badge villain contaminated Contaminated

Notable NPCs


Excellent! Now I can see what makes Biopulse tick and perhaps discover a reliable means of recreating Infected powers! Muhahaha!

Defeat all guards, steal supplies Edit


My experiments on the Infected are going well, but I am lacking certain rare and expensive medical supplies. Fortunately I have located a cargo shipment of said supplies on its way to Paragon City! Intercept the cargo shipment, defeat their guards, and steal the medical supplies!

Many of the ships which travel past the Rogue Isles hire mercenaries to protect the cargo. Expect some resistance!

Mission Objective(s)

You see some Wyvern patrolling the deck of the cargo ship. Look like there's going to be a fight!

  • 5 crates to steal
    • Defeat guards to escape

You stole the medical supplies!

Icon clue generic
Medical Supplies
These are rare and expensive medical supplies which were en route to Paragon City. You have stolen them on behalf of the notorious Doctor Creed!


V badge BattleDomeBadge Wyvern


Ah, these medical supplies will do nicely! Excellent bit of thieving, you!

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