Overview Edit

The Display Case is an object belonging to the Container faction. It has Archvillain class hit points and no ranged nor melee attacks, nor it can move.

Heroes can find it on the Stop the destruction mission from Jake Kim or Wilma Peterson. (Levels 20-24)

There are three of these Cases and at least one must be saved.

Initially the cases will have a group of Freakshow near who will start attacking it as soon as you aggro them. Even worse, at the very moment you aggro those, a wave of Freaks will come and attack the item as well, so be ready to fight two groups at the same time before engaging.
Once the first wave has been dealt with, a second will come. Once that has been defeated, a third (and last).

The Display case can not be healed by players (probably it can't be buffed either).

Description Edit

This case holds an unusual item.

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