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Created during City of Heroes beta (12/23/03), the Dev Digest is a special thread on the "City of" boards that displays all posts made by Cryptic Studios personnel.

Odd FactsEdit

  • When it was created, the Dev's Digest originally would show both Cryptic and NCsoft posts. This changed on January 10th, 2007 when Lighthouse had the Community Digest formed and moved all moderators to it.
  • Due to several strange bugs, several players have in the past been able to post in the Dev Digest thread. These posts have since been removed.
  • Administrator, a fake admin account, exists for the sole purpose creating and preserving this thread. Oddly enough, due to similar early bugs with this thrown together mod, Administrator also has been hijacked by players and used to make silly posts early on in the games career, thus leading up to Administrator's 34 posts.

Dev Digest on the "City of" boards

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