(Blaster) Defiant Barrage is an enhancement set in the blaster archetype category.

The level range of (Blaster) Defiant Barrage is 13 to 50. All enhancements in the set have archetype series 2 rarity.

Attuned versions of (Blaster) Defiant Barrage enhancements are obtained as random rewards from Super Pack: Rogues and Vigilantes salvage, or purchased in-game with Reward Merits or Astral Merits. A level 50 blaster can combine any slotted (Blaster) Defiant Barrage enhancement with an Enhancement Catalyst to create the corresponding (Blaster) Superior Defiant Barrage enhancement.


(Blaster) Defiant Barrage

((Blaster) Defiant Barrage)
level 13-50
archetype series 2

A Enhance accuracyEnhance damage Accuracy/Damage MapIcon SF01
B Enhance damageEnhance recharge speed Damage/Recharge MapIcon SF01
C Enhance accuracyEnhance damageEnhance recharge speed Accuracy/Damage/Recharge MapIcon SF01
D Enhance accuracyEnhance damageReduce endurance cost Accuracy/Damage/Endurance MapIcon SF01
E Enhance accuracyEnhance damageReduce endurance costEnhance recharge speed Accuracy/Damage/Endurance/Recharge MapIcon SF01
F Enhance recharge speedE color hold duration Recharge/Chance for +Status Protection MapIcon SF01


Slotting more than one (Blaster) Defiant Barrage enhancement in the same power grants the following cumulative set bonuses:

Bonus for 2 Bonus for 3 Bonus for 4 Bonus for 5 Bonus for 6
E color damage +2% damage E color recovery +2.25 maximum endurance E color heal +2.25% maximum health E color recharge time +7.5% recharge E color buff defense +3.75% energy and negative defense
E color buff defense +1.875% ranged defense

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