Overview Edit

A Defense Room can be added to a Group's Base to provide additional firepower and negative effects to aid in repelling invaders. These defensive areas are commonly placed to harass attackers attempting to reach vital areas such as Energy and Control rooms as well as Vaults, once Items of Power are released.

Types Edit

Note: Numbers after Titles are for paragonwiki designation. Base Editor has no numeric Titles.

Title Price Dimensions Description
Choke Point 1 500 000 1x1 This space holds up to 2 defenses.
Security Corridor 1 3 000 000 1x2 This space holds up to 4 defenses.
Security Corridor 2 4 500 000 1x3 This space holds up to 6 defenses.
Security Corridor 3 6 000 000 1x4 This space holds up to 8 defenses.
Gauntlet 12 000 000 1x8 This space holds up to 16 defenses.
Death Trap 14 000 000 3x3 This space holds up to 16 defenses. In addition, it can have a single Control item to act as a lure, or to serve as a very-well defended control center.
Stronghold 37 500 000 5x5 This space holds up to 50 defenses.

Base Rooms : Control | Defense | Decorative | Energy | Medical | Transport | Vault | Workshop

Base Items : Control | Defense (PVP) | Energy | Medical | Transport | Workshop

Base Plots : Hidden | Secure

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