The D.A.T.A. Technician is an NPC that can be found at the entrance to Recluse's Victory in Atlas Park.

When clicked, he will say the following:

We need seasoned heroes with a Security Level of 40 and higher to go to Recluse's Victory and help keep it under Hero control. If you think that you have what it takes, follow the lines to the Restricted Area elevator. It'll take you down to the portal room. On the other side, seek out the D.A.T.A. Orientation Adjutant in the Longbow Base. He'll get you started.

For an update on the battlefield as it currently stands, go see the D.A.T.A. Situation Monitor across the room. He keeps heroes updated on our status via a direct link to the Operations Map in the Longbow base.

Make no mistake; it's a warzone and you will be attacked there.

Good luck! We're all counting on you.

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