The D.A.T.A. Situation Monitor is an NPC located in Paragon City Hall (-127.7, 43.9, -601.5) in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park. He stands in the DATA offices, near Rick Davies, with a map of the Recluse's Victory PvP zone on the wall near him. He announces changes in the ownership of territories within the zone (Hero, Villain or unclaimed) and the map updates to display the current situation. Talking to him will give the number of territories claimed by Heroes and Villains. He is not a contact.

Information Edit

Currently, we are monitoring the battle between the forces of Longbow and Arachnos in the time stream we refer to as 'Recluse's Victory'. Through judicious use of temporal and etherial mechanics, we have determined this location in time/space to be pivotal in determining the future outcome of the fate of Atlas Park. As a result, Longbow is gathering as many able-bodied heroes to support them in their struggle to maintain their lead in this temporal battle.

The map behind me is updated as we receive reports from the field, indicating how the battle is currently progressing.

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