Badge time This article or section contains information about a past event in City of Heroes/Villains. It is provided for historical purposes.


This event was held on September 1, 2006 to bid long time Coh Community Representative CuppaJo goodbye as she moves on to rep NCsoft's upcoming game, Tabula Rasa.

w00t Radio [1] broadcasted live as the day unfolded with DJ Jester and CuppaJo on air.

VIPs: CuppaJo, Vyvyanne, Manticore, Ghost Widow, Arctic_Sun, Ravenstorm, NCsoft_Cricket, Lord Recluse.

Special guests: Hamidon, Deathsurge, Winter Lord, Scirocco, Black Scorpion, Captain Mako, Barracuda, Arachnos Flier

Events Edit

Cuppacode Edit

On going code decipher event. Code was posted on the w00t Radio website before the party (and during). Listeners were given keys to decipher the code throughout the day on air and in game. It was solved fairly early though.

The Code was:

Uzod z yzllb lx ltb dhj zce godt sfaapx yfsh xc wxubzd

clue1: d = e clue2: p = j

1st Cup of the Day Edit

Noon - 1pm CST

Coffee talk in Pocket D.

The Java Rumble Edit

1:30 - 2:30pm CST

In primarily 10 minute timed battles, several arena fights at varying level caps and restrictions were held.

Recluse's Victory Dance Edit

3:30 - 5:30 pm CST

A PvP zone event in Recluse's Victory was held. Heroes took on Villains for control of the zone.

CuppaCloning Edit

6 - 7pm CST

A costume contest was held in Pocket D for best coffee-themed character.

Party of Dooom! Edit

8 - 12pm CST

Doom Themed Costume Party in Pocket D in which people were encouraged to wear costumes that inspired DOOOM!

See Also Edit

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