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Overview Edit

Colleen Saramago
Zone Steel Canyon
Coordinates (-1760, 16, 1361.5)
Level Range 15-19
Introduced by Detective Freitag
Jonathan St. John Smythe
Introduces Missing info
Enemy groups Badge villain clockwork Clockwork
Badge villain trolls Trolls
Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok
Badge villain outcasts Outcasts

Colleen Saramago is a City of Heroes contact located in the Steel Canyon Medical Center neighborhood of Steel Canyon at coordinates (-1760, 16, 1361.5). Colleen Saramago is a Science origin contact. Her level range is 15-19.

Introductions Edit

Contact Introduced By Edit

New Contact(s) Edit

Information Edit

Hero Corps Rep

Hero Corps is a corporations that brokers work for qualified heroes and helps governments around the world deal with super-powered problems. Colleen Saramago is a young, inexperienced Hero Corps liaison, but she's already established a successful client list. Her current task is combating two of the city's insidious threats: the Clockwork and the Trolls. She's well aware that every time she gives a hero an assignment she's putting a life on the line, so she goes the extra mile to give her heroes all the support she can.

Initial Contact Edit

Missing Initial Contact Dialog

Store Edit

  • Inspirations
  • Level 15 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements
  • Level 20 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements

Story Arc Edit

Souvenir Edit

Damaged power source

This burned out piece of technology represents the beginning and the end of a puzzling mystery. It seems the Clockwork King powers his constructs through telekinesis alone. the magnitude of his power must be astronomical for him to operate so many Clockworks at once, and at such a great range. All that remains now is to find the Clockwork King and force him to stop his mental marionettes. You learned all this in an adventure you've come to think of as:

The Mind of a King

It all began when your contact asked you to retrieve a Clockwork power source for analysis. You hit the streets, defeating many Clockwork before you recovered a suitable piece.

But the piece was only a small part of the mystery. Your contact sent you to a Clockwork base to retrieve a Clockwork broadcasting unit. After examining the unit, your contact was able to detect a similar signal coming from the sewers. You followed the signal, and discovered that it came from a Vahzilok broadcasting unit.

Your contact could only conclude that Vahzilok was the device's owner, and that the Clockwork were mearly using it for scrap. Puzzled, your contact asked you to recover some more Clockwork parts. Determined to solve the mystery, you went back to the streets.

You returned with 15 defeated robots, which your contact tried to reactivate. These efforts were not successful, but the robots were spurred to life anyway by the mental energies of the Clockwork King.

Find a Clockwork power source for Colleen Saramago to studyEdit


I'm interested in finding out more about how the Clockwork King's robots work. He may be a villain, but he's made some amazing creations. Could you find a Clockwork power source for me to study?

I appreciate this, <name>. The more we know about the Clockwork, the better we can combat them. Try looking in Atlas Park, Kings Row, Perez Park, Galaxy City, Boomtown, or Skyway City to find some.

V archetypeicon stalker Ambush!

After accepting the mission you will be ambushed by one group of Clockwork

Mission Objective(s)

  • Collect Clockwork power source
    • Defeat 15 Clockwork

You found a Clockwork power source.

Icon clue generic
Damaged power source
You took this power source from a Clockwork minion you defeated. It seems that the power source was damaged in combat.


Thank you very much. I'm sure this will help me understand the Clockwork better. I'll let you know what I discover.

Combat the Clockwork in the office Edit


This Clockwork power source you recovered doesn't answer as many questions as I had hoped. In fact, I can't seem to make it function at all.

Perhaps the key lies in one of the Clockwork's bases of operation. According to my sources, there's a Clockwork base in a nearby office building, under the control of a mighty robot called Bolts. I want you to combat the Clockwork in that office. Bring back anything that looks like a power broadcasting unit, ok?

The plot is definitely thickening, as they say.

Mission Objective(s)

You've wondered for a long time about the Clockwork's mysterious power source. Now that the answer seems near, there'll be no slowing you down.

  • Defeat Bolts and its minions

You found a broadcasting unit.

Icon clue generic
Broadcasting unit
You found this device in a Clockwork lair. It broadcasts a signal to a remote source.

Notable NPCs

Badge villain clockwork Clockwork


Thanks. This Clockwork broadcasting unit may help us figure out how the Clockwork King powers his minions. I must say, it's an odd design for the Clockwork. I'll have to run a number of tests.

Go into the sewers and recover the device Edit


I'm really stumped by the broadcasting unit you found in that Clockwork lair. It doesn't look anything like the Clockwork King's normal designs!

I've been scanning for a signal similar to the one the device outputs, and I've finally located one. It's in a section of the Paragon City sewers. I need you to go into the sewers and recover the device. If I were you, I'd be prepared for a fight.

Tread carefully, hero. I have no idea what you are going to find down there.

Mission Objective(s)

As you enter the sewers, you hear the sound of distant radio static.

  • Defeat all villains in sewers
    • Locate the broadcasting device

You defeated the Vahzilok and found the broadcasting device.

Icon clue generic
Vahzilok broadcasting unit
This device is almost identical to the broadcasting unit you found in a Clockwork den.
Icon clue generic
Data on Vahzilok device
The two broadcasting devices, which you found in a Clockwork den and a Vahzilok lair, emit some kind of long range, high frequency signal. This type of signal would be ideal for carrying messages, but there is no evidence that the signal can power the Clockwork.

Badge villain clockwork Clockwork

Badge villain vahzilok Vahzilok


Puzzling. This device you took from the Vahzilok looks just like the one you found in the Clockwork base.

These devices look identical. Strange that you should find one in a Clockwork base and the other in a Vahzilok den. I believe they are emitting the same signal, but I'm not sure how it could be guiding the Clockwork.

Collect more Clockwork parts Edit


Interesting. This device you found in the Vahzilok den is just like the one you discovered in the Clockwork hideout. I don't think they were designed by the Clockwork King at all! I believe Vahzilok's been using these devices to communicate with his minions; the Clockwork probably just took it for scrap.

It looks like we're no nearer to figuring out how the Clockwork King powers his robots. Can you collect some more Clockwork parts for me? I'd like to see if I can recreate the robots in my lab.

About 15 should do it.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Collect sample parts
    • Defeat 15 Clockwork

You have collected enough Clockwork parts.

Icon clue generic
Clockwork parts
You collected these undamaged Clockwork parts so that your contact can recreate the Clockwork under laboratory conditions.


Excellent work! I'll take these Clockwork parts to my lab and begin work on them. I'm sure I can figure out the Clockwork King's power source.

Destroy the Clockwork and recover the research data Edit


Help! They're in my lab! The Clockwork King's robots! Believe me or not, they're the same defunct robots you collected for me earlier. I don't know how it happened, but they're somehow functioning again!

I've sealed them in, but they'll get out eventually. You've got to destroy the Clockwork and recover the research data from my computer. Hurry, before they destroy it! The location of my lab is marked on your map.

That data is our only hope of defeating the Clockwork King!

Mission Objective(s)

You tread carefully throughthe mishmash of broken beakers and strange fluids.

  • Defeat all Clockwork in lab
    • Recover research data

You have cleared the lab and salvaged the computer data.

Icon clue generic
Research data
This large body of data, compiled by your contact, indicates that no technological force could possibly power the Clockwork. In fact, the design of the robots seems to be quite haphazard, and no two are built from exactly the same parts.

Notable NPCs

Badge villain clockwork Clockwork


Thank you so much for combating those Clockwork in my lab. You saved some vital discoveries.

Well, I think I've figured out how the Clockwork operate. I had my lab cameras trained on those defunct Clockwork all night, and I just reviewed the film. It seems that the Clockwork slowly rose to life and began to reassemble each other! At the same time, my lab equipment detected a noticeable energy spike. The energy was psychic in nature!

As hard as it may be to believe, the Clockwork King must control his robots through psychic energy. Apparently, he's some sort of powerful telekinetic. That's how he makes his machines work, even though physics dictates they should be little more than wind-up toys.

Missions Edit

Test Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork Edit


We've tried slowing down the Clockwork with electromagnetic pulse weapons, but they did nothing. The boys at DATA want to try again, but now they want you to use a Wave Scrambler. It scrambles incoming signals of all wavelengths, and it may help us defeat this menace. Will you test the Wave Scrambler against the Clockwork?

I'm sure the boys at DATA will be grateful. You should be able to find Clockwork in Skyway City fairly easily.

Temporary Power:

You will gain the Wave Scrambler temporary power upon accepting this mission. The power will be lost upon returning to the contact.

Temporary WaveScrambler Wave Scrambler Cone Special Damage, Foe -Recharge
This device was built to interfere with Clockwork's energy signals within it's conical area of effect. The Wave Scrambler has 30 charges.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Test Wave Scrambler
    • Defeat 15 Clockwork

You have collected enough data on the Wave Scrambler.


Badge villain clockwork Clockwork


Wow, that Wave Scrambler worked well. Maybe we've really found a good weapon for dealing with the Clockwork.

Hit the streets and show the Trolls you won't tolerate their thieving Edit


I've been hearing a lot of reports about Troll robberies lately. As bad as the Troll are when they're hopped up on Superadine, they're even worse when they're in withdrawal! They'll knock over banks, newsstands, supermarkets; anything to get a quick fix! The worst thing is, these thefts usually end in violence. I need you to hit the streets and show the Trolls you won't tolerate their thieving.

Skyway City and Boomtown have been hit the hardest. If I were you, I'd probably start in one of those zones.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Combat Troll menace
    • Defeat 15 Trolls

You have discouraged the Trolls from stealing to pay for their Superadine.


Thanks. I'm sure Paragon City's businessmen can all breathe a sigh of relief.

Stop the Trolls from hitting the party Edit


I just got word from one of my informants that the Trolls have decided to bust up an underground dance party in Skyway City. It gets worse, though. The promoter running the show is the sister of a high-ranking Outcast gangster. If she gets hurt, the Outcasts will use it as a pretext to expand their war with the Trolls. Someone's got to stop the Trolls from hitting that party. You only have 1 hour to stop the Troll attack.

If the Outcasts have heard about this, there's a good chance you'll have to deal with them, too.

Mission Objective(s)

Any music that was playing here stopped a while ago. Now all you hear are the sounds of fighting and panic.

  • Rescue party goers from Trolls - 60 minutes timed
    • 3 hostages to save

You have rescued the hostages, preventing the war between the Trolls and the Outcasts from escalating.


Badge villain trolls Trolls

Skyway our turf!

Badge villain outcasts Outcasts

You Trolls think you own this place? Ha!

Notable NPCs

  • Ellie Ludinsky, music promoter (Hostage)

Looks like having a gangster brother got me in trouble again. Thanks for your help. I'll see to it that you get all the good press I can give you!

  • Paramedic (Hostage)

Ellie likes to have me on call to make sure the kids don't pass out. But I think you need this medical kit more than I do.

  • Partier (Hostage)

Thank you!

Why stupid hero interfere in plan. Make me ANGRY!!!

Temporary Power:

The Paramedic will give you a Med Kit after being rescued. This power will expire when the mission ends.

Temporary MedKit Med Kit Self Heal
This Med Kit allows you to heal ¼ of your hit points. The Med Kit has 8 uses.


That was well handled. The tensions between rival gangs are bad enough; the last thing we need is for them to find an excuse to escalate their fighting. Oh, I got a call from that music promoter you rescued. She says if you ever consider a career in music, she'll be your biggest fan.

Get a sample of the Clockwork pistons Edit


The Clockwork have been getting tougher recently. We think it might be the pistons they are using. Can you get us a sample of the Clockwork pistons?

We believe that Tarang Chonk is running the facility I am sending you to.

Mission Objective(s)

The doorknob has been removed, no doubt as part of the Clockwork's regular scavenging.

  • Get sample from the Clockwork
    • Seek Clockwork parts

You found the Clockwork pistons.


  • The sample item that is to be recovered can vary. Possible samples include bearings, gear shafts and pistons.
  • The mission objective is fulfilled when the Box of Parts is destroyed.

The box of parts


Badge villain clockwork Clockwork

Not Hero!
I hate Hero!

Notable NPCs

Hero! Again!


I'm not familiar with this metal, but I'll get it analyzed. Thanks a lot.

You say the Clockwork seemed to recognize you? That's so strange. Perhaps they share some sort of hive memory? After all the Clockwork King's remarkable innovations, I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

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