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The Codex of Bloodlines is a tool the Circle of Thorns use to find the ancestry of their victims. When a person’s blood is writ upon the page, their entire family tree becomes written as well. (1)

This book of black pages is written in the Circle of Thorns language. It's so powerful, it can track a person's bloodline up to the pre-historic times, during the times of the magic users.(2)

This is a very handy tool in hands of the Circle, who can use it to locate Mu descendants who will become potential recruits...or victims. Either way, the Circle wins.


In game

  • City of Heroes:
    • Mission: Save the Wyatt mediums from the Circle of Thorns
  • City of Villains:
    • Nowhere

In Comic book

  • Nowhere

In novels

Other sources

  • Nowhere


1:City of Heroes mission: Save the Wyatt mediums from the Circle of Thorns

2: City of Heroes mission: Save Mr. Wyatt from Circle

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