Coalition, or partnership, between two Supergroups. Can communicate between the two supergroups using coalition chat.

Partnership Edit

  • Access to other sg's base (with proper permissions), which then allow access to basic telepads, Medical Aux equipment, Invention Worktable and Personal Storage Lockers.
  • Coalition chat
  • Supergroups can have up to 10 coalitions.


/coalition message

Aliases: c

The coalition slash command is used to send messages to the coalition channel. This channel is unique in that only those supergroups you are coalitioned with will see your message.

NOTE: Only those with proper rank and/or permissions are allowed to use coalition chat.

Coalition related commands Edit

/coalition_cancel supergroup Cancel coalition with a supergroup.
/coalition_invite player Invite player's supergroup to join coalition. Alias: /ci
/coalition_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of a coalition supergroup who your supergroup can hear.
/coalition_nosend Stop your supergroup from sending coalition chat to an ally supergroup.
/coalition_sg_mintalkrank rank Sets the minimum rank of members of your supergroup who can use coalition chat. Note: This command is currently non-functional.

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