Hero Villain
Badge tourist 01 Exploration V badge TourismBadge Exploration
Badge history 01 History V badge HistoryBadge History
Badge stature 01 Accomplishment V badge StatureBadge1 Accomplishment
Badge count 10 Achievement V badge10BadgeBadge Achievement
Badge anniversary 1 Accolades Badge anniversary cov Accolades
V badge BattleDomeBadge Gladiator V badge BattleDomeBadge Gladiator
Badge vr months 003 Veteran Badge vr months 003 Veteran
BA Vanguard Medal Bonuses BA Megalomaniac Bonuses
Badge sgitem SG Exploration Badge sgitem VG Exploration
Badge sgitem SG Achievement Badge sgitem VG Achievement

Overview Edit

Accomplishment Badges are attaned by completing tasks assigned by special villains and contacts.

Accomplishment Badges by Type Edit

Stature Badges Edit

Strike Force Badges Edit

Recluse's Victory Badges Edit

Other Badges Edit

In-Game Sequential List Edit

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