The city planners

The City Planners are a couple of NPCs who stand chatting near Skyway City's entrance to the rebuilt Faultline zone. None of them are a contact. They were added with Issue 8.

The City Planners will chat among themselves, saying the following:

  • I don't know what really caused the flood. Some lab coat in City Hall mentioned strange seismic activity. What could possibly cause that?
  • There's no way to keep this under wraps. Already newsies are standing in monorail stations. I just hope they don't blow it out of proportion. You know how the press is.
  • The construction is proceeding along as best it can, considering all the villanous activity in there. At least we have the police in New Overbrook to keep it relatively secure.
  • We've got construction and survey crews in there now. We should have another report within the hour.
  • Our first priority is to ensure the citizens of Skyway City feel safe.
  • Well. I have to tell you. I'm getting concerned. But we shouldn't over react just yet.
  • I just don't know. How are we going to explain this to the community? Seismic anomaly? What can I do with that?
  • Well, the answer is simple. We need to shore it up before the situation worsens. We already have construction crews and engineers monitoring the situation.
  • Do you have an estimate of how much water we're losing per hour? They are? How are they filtering it back? Oh, right, the Turbine Room.
  • Tell me honestly. Can we get it shored up?
  • Wow. Look at the time, we've been here for hours.
  • I understand.

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