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Captain James Harlan
Respec Contact Captain James Harlan 01
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (1161, 0, 1511)
Level Range 34+
Enemy groups Badge villain freakshow Freakshow
Badges Awarded the Freedom Cross Badge

Captain James Harlan is a City of Heroes contact located in the Gaspee neighborhood of Founders' Falls at coordinates (1161, 0, 1511). Captain James Harlan is a Respecification Trial contact.

Captain James Harlan is the contact for the second Terra Volta Respecification Trial. Upon successful completion of the trial, the player can choose a power respecification as a reward.

Information Edit

US Army Captain

A stern and rugged man in his late thirties, Captain Harlan has spent his life working to protect the citizens of Paragon City. A veteran of the Rikti War, he now works to bring law and order back to the shattered streets of this once gleaming city. The official title of his current post is 'Military Law Enforcement Liaison,' and he commands a squad of hand-picked soldiers who work closely with Paragon City's police. Unofficially, Harlan's been known to step beyond his authority when the situation calls for it, by bringing in a little super-powered help. He hates to see a mystery go unsolved or a wrong go unrighted, which may be why the officers he works with speak of him so highly.


Defeat Mad Maartin & his crew Edit


I'm glad you're ready for duty, heroes; I could really use your help. My men are stretched too thin fighting the many battles in this lawless city, but I've got a situation that has to be dealt with post haste. I just got word that a young woman has been kidnapped by the Freakshow. I want you and your team to hunt those villains down and bring the woman back to safety. Can you help?

We've traced the Freaks back to this hole in the ground, but I don't have the forces to root them out.

Go in thee and bring the kidnapped woman back alive. You are authorized to use any measures necessary to restrain her captors.

Mission Objective(s)

The cackle of hideous laughter rolls up from the depths of these fetid corridors.

  • Defeat Mad Maartin & his crew
    • Rescue the woman

You rescued Missy Minton and defeated Mad Maartin

Icon clue generic
Set of keys
You found this rusted set of keys on the body of Freak in the sewers.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow


Missing Debriefing

Defeat Big Marcus & his crew Edit


Well, it wasn't easy, but I had those keys you found traced. They belong to an office building over in Founders' Falls. If you'll investigate, we may be able to find out what the Freaks are up to. Kidnapping and theft are their break and butter, but I really have the feeling that there's something bigger going on here.

Dr. Minton's still working on a list of items that was stolen from his lab. He may yet be able to provide us a clue to the Freaks' motives.

Mission Objective(s)

Two dueling metal soundtracks have turned this place into a nightmare.

  • Defeat Big Marcus & his crew

One of the Freaks yelled, 'You're too late to stop the boss! Soon, we'll have all the nuclear power we want!'

Icon clue generic
The Freak's last words
One of the Freaks you defeated told you:

'You're too late! When our implants are nuclear-powered, there'll be no stopping us! Time to say goodbye to your fancy reactor!'

Icon clue generic
Radiation collection material
This material is used to collect and store radiation energy. It is highly toxic and very hard to make. Why the Sky Raiders have it is somewhat of a mystery.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow


Missing Debriefing

Save the Terra Volta reactor Edit


Listen up, and don't forget this. Protecting the Terra Volta reactor may be the most important thing you'll ever do for this city. Without that reactor, Paragon City will have to crawl its way up from the Stone Age again. You've got to get to Terra Volta and stop the Freakshow's assault. I'm counting on you to make this happen. Don't let me down.

There's a lot riding on this, heroes. Do me proud.

Mission Objective(s)

The squeals and jeers of the raucous Freaks set your teeth on edge.

  • Save the Terra Volta Reactor
    • Rescue Guard
    • Save Scientists
    • Get to Reactor Core
    • Protect Reactor Core

You saved the Terra Volta reactor.

Icon clue generic
Reactor key card
This key card allows access to the Terra Volta reactor control room.
Icon clue generic
Reactor core key card
This key card allows access to the Terra Volta reactor core room.


Badge villain freakshow Freakshow


I don't think I've ever been this proud. You saved the Terra Volta reactor, and with it, life as Paragon City knows it. Nothing can diminish that achievement, but we must bear in mind that the Freakshow may try another stunt like this. Check back with me if you'd like to continue to protect the reactor.

I don't want to alarm you, but you're looking, well, strange. You should drop by Freedom Corps HQ in Galaxy City and speak to a fellow there named Jack Wolfe. He's an expert on the effects of radiation; maybe he can tell you if something happened to you during your mission.

External Links Edit

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