Overview Edit

Caleb is a Circle of Thorns giant monster that can be found in Nerva Archipelago.

Description Edit

The legendary Caleb. You'd thought he was just a rumor - a tale told to frighten children by cruel parents. Yet, here he is, brimming with infernal power and reeking of brimstone from the darkest depths of Hell.

Badge Edit

Defeating Caleb awards the HellBane Badge.

V badge CircleOfThornsBadge HellBane

The demon known as Caleb fell to your powers on Thorn Isle. The creatures of the Abyss have taken to call you HellBane.

Notes Edit

  • Caleb MIGHT spawn if 100 Nerva Spectral Daemons are defeated in Nerva while the sun is up. If this is done successfully he will spawn very high above Thorn Isle as the sun sets. The Nerva Spectral Daemons will flock to Caleb.

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