Rogue Isles Villains Burning Daemon 01

Burning Daemon

Overview Edit

Burning Daemon belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains. He appears to be a Fire/Fire Brute.

Villains may face him in Alan Desslock's mission Defeat Burning Daemon, show the world who's boss during his level 35 missions.

Information Edit

There is nothing human about this creature. Summoned from the darkest pits, Burning Daemon seeks nothing but to cause havoc and create chaos. Many villain groups have attempted to recruit him to control his power, however he has expressed no interest in any of their petty mortal dealings.

Quotes Edit

During the mission Defeat Burning Daemon, show the world who's boss:

Before combat: "I don't have all day to wait."
Combat start: "Ah, finally!"

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