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V badge BornInBattle


You've proven yourself as Born in Battle, adding 5% to both Endurance and Hit Point totals.

Accolade PowerEdit

Upon acquiring this badge, a villain will earn the Born in Battle power.

BA Poortal Jockey Born in Battle Self: +Max Health, +Max Endurance
You've proved yourself as Born in Battle, adding 5% to both your Endurance and Hit Point totals.

How to GetEdit

Obtain the following badges:

V badge TakenDamageBadge Ironman Badge   Achievement   Receive 1 million damage
V badge ScrapyarderBadge Hammer Down Badge   Defeat   Defeat Ghost of the Scrapyard
V badge StatureBadge6 Exterminator Badge   Accomplishment   Complete mission from Timothy Raymond in Nerva Archipelago
V badge BattleDomeBadge Lanista Badge   Gladiator   Win a gladiator match
V badge TourismBadge Triumphant Badge   Exploration   Warburg (228, 274, 33)
V badge GhostTrappingBadge Pirate Badge   Defeats   Trap 10 Ghosts in Port Oakes
V badge TourismBadge Primal Instinct Badge   Exploration   Nerva Archipelago (2304, -110, 798)
V badge HistoryBadge Swashbuckler Badge   History   Visit 4 history plaques:
  1. Port Oakes (-3113, 207, -1550)
  2. Bloody Bay (605, 0, -150)
  3. Siren's Call (-942, -157, 200)
  4. Nerva Archipelago (3795, 18, 7726)

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