Map Boomtown

Hero Hazard Zone (11-19)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Babbage
Exploration Badges: Destined for Valhalla, Phalanxer, Regal, Vision of Despair
Plaques: Disciple IIIIVV, Just Said No to Superadine IV, Scholar IV
Enemies: Clockwork, Council, Lost, Outcasts, Trolls, Vahzilok
Connecting Zones: Sewer Network, Steel Canyon
Transits: none
Boomtown at

Overview Edit

Baumton was the Paragon City's first marketplace, where tradesman and farmers went to sell their wares. After the Rikti Invasion, people started calling it Boomtown, because the massive devastation reminded them of a bomb crater.

Boomtown is a Hazard zone in CoH. A hero needs to be at least level 10 to enter. It was originally called Baumton.

Zone Events Edit

Babbage will sometimes appear along the northern wall.

Neighborhoods Edit

  • The Cannonade
  • The Fuse
  • Grenadier Village
  • Powderkeg
  • Primer

Exploration Badges Edit

Badge tourist 01 Phalanxer

Before Baumton had it's accident, the Freedom Phalanx called this building home.

Badge tourist 01 Regal

King Mihenra, a self-proclaimed warlord from the Netherworld, attempted to seize control of Paragon City, only to be defeated by Positron on this very spot.

Badge tourist 01 Vision of Despair

An unnatural feeling of dread permeates the area in what is now called the Pit of Despair.

Badge tourist 01 Destined for Valhalla

Valkyrie proved herself to Positron by battling the Clockwork King on this spot. Although she did not succeed in defeating him, he was severely damaged and Clockwork activity came to a halt for several weeks afterwards.

Historical Plaques Edit

Transfer Points Edit

Villain Groups Edit

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