Overview Edit

The Bombardier is a NPC ally you can find during the mission Break Goldbrickers out of Wyvern hideout from Golden Roller (CoV, levels 15 - 20). There are two of them, and must be freed from Wyvern squads.
Once free, they will follow you and will attack any Wyvern mercenary in their aggro range.

During my mission, the Bombardiers had Lieutenant-class hit points and a faction of Gold Brickers. Expect several ambushes from Wyvern once you free each of them.

I have no idea if the mission would fail if any of them (or both) would be defeated. The mission objectives only mention Flashbang as the one you must protect. These guys aren't mentioned anywhere.

Quotes Edit

During the mission they will say the following, once free:

Bombardier: Let's get Flashbang outta here!

Information Edit

The Goldbrickers are high tech thieves who operate in and around Cap Au Diable. They are lead by a notorious crime lord known only as King Midas.

Powers Edit

During my mission, he used the Bombardier typical attacks:


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