Blunt Trauma

Blunt Trauma


Blunt Trauma is a NPC ally you can find during the mission Break prisoners out of the Zig from Operative Wellman (CoV, levels 15 - 20). He is one of the prisoners you must help to break free out of the Zig. He will be in a cell guarded by a Private Security Captain when you find him first, and must be freed so he can help you.

Once free, he will follow you and will attack any Longbow soldier or prison guard in his aggro range. Longbow will sent at least three waves of attackers against you once you free him.

During my mission, Blunt Trauma had Pet class and hit points. He used Super Strength attacks and, despite his Bruteish aspect, I never saw him activate any secondary defensive powers, nor he seemed to be especially resistant to damage, at least not enough as one might expect for someone of his size and appearance.

Remember that at least one of the prisoners must reach the helicopter outside, so he's one of the possible mission objectives, and must survive.


Blunt Trauma hasn't much to say:

Once free: Where we goin?
At the mission exit: Me go now


Blunt Trauma is a mutant who has worked as heavy muscle for various villains in the past. He ended up in the Zig by Longbow for ripping apart a bank vault, but not before he took out an entire assault team.


I saw him use the following (Note that he could have more):


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