Bloody Vicious

Bloody Vicious

Overview Edit

Bloody Vicious is a boss for the Mooks. Villains can fight him first on the Kidnap Vanessa Verandi mission, and a second time in the Take down Family Lieutenants mission from Billie Heck. Both of these missions belong to the Story Arc Last Man Standing.

Information Edit

Bloody Vicious is an elite enforcer for the Verandi Family on Port Oakes. While adopting an effete manner, he is quite a deadly combatant with his razor-sharp katana. He has often crossed paths with the Marcone Family.

Quotes Edit

During the Kidnap Vanessa Verandi mission:

Combat start: You'll regret this!

During the Take down Family Lieutenants mission:

Before combat: I am the brains. Pitbull is the brawn.

Combat start: Slice'n'dice!

See Also Edit

  • Bloody Vicious' Mooks profile for a list of his powers

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