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Baby New Year

Overview Edit

The Newest Year faction and listed as Captured Time. Baby New Year had to be rescued in Father Time's mission during the Winter Events of 2006 and 2007.

Description Edit

While Baby New Year's exact nature is up for debate, one thing is certain: Baby New Year must be freed from Snaptooth and his minions or the new year will never arrive!

Dialogue Edit

When rescued
Baby New Year: Did the old man send you? Good! Let's get out of here!

When left behind, then retrieved
Baby New Year: Typical mortal. always forgetting about the time.
Baby New Year: It's about time.
Baby New Year: And no, that wasn't supposed to be a pun.

Missions end
Baby New Year: Thanks for the help, pal. There's a lot of changes coming, and I need to be ready!

Conversation when rescuing
Rascal: We've gone and done the greatest crime,
Baby New Year: You know, in the human world, they have this thing called 'Child Protective Services'.
Snaptooth: That's it!
Rascal: This little year is ours to keep!
Baby New Year: Hey, pal!
Snaptooth: I don't think so, foolish...
Rascal: So figt us and we'll make you...
Baby New Year: Could you spare some help for a personification of change, here?
Snaptooth: Did I not tell you to STOP RHYMING!
Rascal: Sorry, boss!

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