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Autonomous Expert System


This computer uses the latest experimental technology and software to create a true synthetic intelligence. While its function is limited to security systems, the processing ability of this AI is such that it can handle all but the most demanding base needs.

Additional InformationEdit

Price 2,000,000 prestige
Unlocked by Autonomous Expert System Plans
Energy Consumed 2500
Control Produced1500
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required38 Salvage TechMaterial Tech Material
25 Salvage TechPower Tech Power
29 Salvage TechHardwareold Tech Hardware
19 Salvage TechPrototype Tech Prototype
9 Salvage TechSoftware Tech Software
6 Salvage ExperimentalTech Experimental Tech
Allowed AuxilaryMission Computer

Requires Communication Center 1 or Larger Control Room

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