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You have learned the history of Freedom Phalanx.

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Location Table Edit

Monument Zone Location ( x z y )
Authority Talos Island 1777 22 7843
Authority Independence Port 910 100 -4175
Authority Independence Port -1035 36 -2441
Authority Dark Astoria 3420 46 3038
Authority Terra Volta 351 196 -3605

Monument 1 Edit

Plaque Authority 1

Monument 1, located in Talos Island. Click image for larger version.


When the Freedom Phalanx became the legally recognized Super Group in 1953, a grand celebration was held at this site. Among the attendees was Vambrace, who said, 'I am humbled by the faith you have placed in myself and the Freedom Phalanx. Again and again, the people of this city remind me why it is a place worth fighting for.'


This plaque is in Talos Island. It is at the base of the statue of Talos, behind its left heel.

Its coordinates are (1777, 22, 7843)

Monument 2 Edit

Plaque Authority 2

Monument 2, located in Independence Port. Click image for larger version.


When the Freedom Phalanx became the first legally recognized Super Group in 1953, Statesman held a conference at Valor Bridge. He said, 'The valiant hero Atlas died defending the city on this very bridge. I do not know how to thank you for your faith in the Freedom Phalanx, except to say that I, too, am ready to die in your defense.'


This plaque is in Independence Port, at the north end of Valor Bridge. It is 180 yards south of the Valor Bridge marker.

Its coordinates are (910, 100, -4175).

Monument 3 Edit

Plaque Authority 3

Monument 3, located in Independence Port. Click image for larger version.


In 1953, the Freedom Phalanx prevented a ship bearing copious amounts of explosives from docking at this harbor. When the captain was interrogated, it became clear that he was on a mission of sabotage. Public sentiment for the Freedom Phalanx swelled, and Mayor Kyle Legretsky proposed that the Citizens Crime Fighting Act be expanded. He proposed that groups such as the Freedom Phalanx be officially sanctioned fighting forces.


This plaque is Independence Port, along the road west of Icon. It is 188 yards due west of the Tailor shop.

Its coordinates are (-1035, 36, -2441)

Monument 4 Edit

Plaque Authority 4

Monument 4, located in Dark Astoria


When the Freedom Phalanx became an officially recognized Super Group in 1953, the hero Vambrace made a pledge. 'Dark Astoria will be restored to its natural state,' he said. 'The Freedom Phalanx is committed to saving every part of Paragon City, even those that may seem lost.


This plaque is in Dark Astoria. It is approximately 178 yards east-southeast from the Toffet Terrace marker.

Its coordinates are (3420, 46, 3038).

Monument 5 Edit

Plaque Authority 5

Monument 5, located in Terra Volta


In 1953, citizens poured into the streets in support of the Freedom Phalanx becoming a legally recognized Super Group. The workers of Terra Volta were particularly adamant in their support, having witnessed many villainous activities over the past few decades. Each night, when the factory whistles blew, a shout would go up across the zone, echoing in the evening air: 'Freedom Phalanx! Freedom Phalanx!'

Note: This one blends in REALLY well, it took me like 2 hours to find. It looks like the color of one of the dumpsters, but if you look closely then there are engravings on it. Good luck


This plaque is in Terra Volta, east and just a little north of the reactor.

Its coordinates are (351, 196, -3605).

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