Auras are a costume option that can be unlocked at level 30. Heroes can unlock them through a mission given by the City Representative. Villains can now unlock them through a mission given by Mr. Rodney. (Previously Villains contacted Kalinda or Matthew Burke before the City of Heroes Freedom update). Completing this mission unlocks Auras for the single character owning the mission. Once unlocked, the character must visit a Tailor to add, change, or remove an Aura from his or her costume slots. This costs influence/infamy.

Available Auras and Body LocationsEdit

Aura Hair Eyes Head Torso Fists Feet Body
Electricity X X X
Fiery X X X X X
Gaseous X X X X
Glow X X X X
Glowing Aura X X X
Rocky Crumble1 X X X
Sparkles1 X X X X
Smoky X X X X
Smoldering X X X X
Starburst Glow X X X X
Tendrils X X X X X X X
Vaporous2 X X X
Flies3 X

1 This Aura is available in both a light and a heavy version.

2 This Aura's effects drift behind the character when he or she moves.

3 This Aura is new as of Issue 12, and is currently only available as a torso aura.

Combat AurasEdit

Combat Auras were first introduced with Super Booster 1: Cyborg. These auras will only appear when a character enters the combat stance, such as when the character draws a weapon or launches an attack.

Combat Auras and standards Auras cannot currently be used in combination.

Aura Hair Eyes Head Torso Fists Feet Body
Targeting Optics1 X
Targeting Optics: Left1 X
Targeting Optics: Right1 X
A.C.C.A.H.U.D.1 X

1 This Aura is unlocked through Super Booster 1: Cyborg

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