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Assault Genome is a power in the Hybrid power set.


Incarnate Hybrid Assault Common
Assault Genome
Toggle: Chance for +DMG(All)
While active, this power gives all of your damaging powers a 20% chance to boost your own damage for a short period of time. This boost can stack up to 3 times. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Damage at all times. ChallengeStat no enhance

Type: limited duration toggle, 120 seconds
Cast: 0 seconds
Tick: 0 endurance every 10 seconds
Recharge: 120 seconds, unmodifiable
Affects: self, autohit

E color damage +5% damage buff for 30 seconds if damage buff stacks < 3 (20% chance) proc added ChallengeStat no enhance SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes

Type: passive
Affects: self, autohit

E color damage +2.5% damage buff MapIcon SF01 ChallengeStat no enhance SonicDebuff DebuffDamRes
Crafting recipe:
Salvage GenomicAnalysis Salvage enchanted sand Salvage arcane cantrip 


Assault Genome is used as a component in the following recipes:

Incarnate Hybrid Assault Common Salvage detailed report Salvage arcane cantrip Salvage WornSpellbook  EnhncComb equals  Incarnate Hybrid Assault Uncommon
Incarnate Hybrid Assault Common Salvage arcane cantrip Salvage GenomicAnalysis Salvage dimensional pocket  EnhncComb equals  Incarnate Hybrid Assault Uncommon


Assault Genome was added in Issue 23: Where Shadows Lie.

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