American Diplomat

The American Diplomat

Overview Edit

The American Diplomat has come to meet Ambassador Alwani in his visit to the US, and has unexpectedly been caught into the ambush to assasinate Alwani. Once free, he will help you to fight the Sky Raider mercenaries.

In game, he belongs the Diplomat faction and has a level of Lieutenant.

Heroes can find him:

Badge bughunter 01 Bug! Despite being presented as a Lieutenant level ally, he has Pet life points and his attacks aren't those of a Lieutenant-level mob either. Don't let him get into too much trouble if you want him to survive

Quotes Edit

During the mission Thwart the assesination attempt in the Mysterious General Z story arc he will be found captured by the Sky Raiders:

Sky Raiders Lieutenant: Everyone keep a sharp eye out. I hear some hero picked up our trail


Sky Raiders Lieutenant: Oh, no! It's Hero!

(once free)

American Diplomat: I can help you fight the Sky Raiders!

Description Edit

This American ambassador wasn't looking for trouble when he went to meet Ambassador Alwani of West Libertalia. If you can't get him out of here, he'll probably be killed to cover up the assassination of Alwani.

Powers Edit

American diplomat has a couple attacks of his own, none of them too powerful:

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