The Altar of Dryzzgor

Overview Edit

The Altar of Dryzzgor is an object belonging to the Artifact faction. It has slightly less Hit Points than a Lieutenant of the same level, which probably means it's usually a Boss-class object. It has no ranged nor melee attacks, nor it can move.

Villains can find it on the Destroy Altar & Guardians mission from Willy Wheeler. (Levels 15-20)

Unlike many others, this object had no defenders when I found it. And despite the description, it didn't seem like if it was causing any effects on the villains that came close to it. Once I started attacking, no one came to its help, either, and it was destroyed easily.

Be careful, though, of the explosion once you destroy it, which is relatively potent:

FireBlast Inferno Medium Explosion (Point Blank Area of Effect, Lethal/Fire, Foe Knockback), Disorient. The explosion has left you Disoriented.

Description Edit

This object seems to be regenerating the health of the villains around it.

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